Whole Body Synchronization

The fractal nature of the Universe and the ubiquity of the Phi ratio in nature is well known. Although 20th century science has been restricted to materialism and atomism and it has largely dismissed consciousness, there is now a resurgence of the understanding of ancient wisdom in physics.


The Phi ratio, or Golden Mean, describes the logarithmic spiral fund throughout nature, and which is also the vortexing magnetic field measured around the Pulsed Infrared and Magnetic Induction (PIMI) device. The device emits super pulsed frequencies and utilizes infrared LEDs to




Red Light, blue light, the diameter of the hydrogen atom, and the foot (30.3 cm) are examples of the Phi frequencies which fit into the series of Phi^N values. The fractality of nature represented by Phi^N phenomena indicates that the frequencies in and below audio range in this series are significant to our physiology, circadian rhythms, neurology, thinking, feelings, and emotions, and therefore to our state of consciousness.


The PIMI device operates by entraining the body’s natural cycles using fractal Phi^N frequencies below audible sound of N=171 (40Hz); N=174 (8Hz); and N=172 (2Hz). They are Phi fractal to the N=121 meridian clock period, reinforcing it as well as Mayer wave N=212. The PIMI device therefore increases fractal resonance in the body, tuning and locking it into the body’s natural cycles.


The Phi^N audio files reinforce the entrainment for the Phi fractal PIMI device as well as beat frequencies around them related to the PIMI device super pulsed frequencies. 

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