Bio-Well Aura/Energy Field Scan

Chakra Analysis and Visualization
Stress Level Evaluation
Energy Status and Reserve Evaluation

Illness can appear in the human energy field months before it appears in the body.

Bio-Well is a revolutionary, non-intrusive way to measure the human energy field using a specialized camera and software system. Each scan returns a wealth of meaningful information to provide you with a truly holistic view of the state of your well-being.

Using the powerful technology of Gas Discharge Visualization, Bio-Well illustrates the state of a person’s energy field. When a scan is taken, high intensity electrical field stimulates emission of photons and electrons from human skin; powerful imaging technology captures photon emissions given off by each finger. The images are then mapped to different organs and systems of the body, tapping into Chinese energy meridians. The images created using the Bio-Well system are based on the ideas of Traditional Chinese Medicine . This concept was first proposed by Dr. Reinhold Voll in Germany, later further developed by Dr. Peter Mandel, and then clinically verified and corrected through eighteen years of clinical research by a team led by Dr. Konstantin Korotkov in St. Petersburg Russia.

Bio-Well utilizes a weak, completely painless electrical current applied to the fingertips for less than a millisecond. The body’s response to this stimulus is the formation of a variation of an “electron cloud” composed of light energy photons. The electronic “glow” of this discharge (invisible to the human eye) is captured by an optical CCD camera system and then translated into a digital computer file. The data from each test is converted to a unique “Photonic Profile,”  which is compared to the database of hundreds of thousands of data records using 55 distinct parametric discriminates, and charted so that it is available for discussion and analysis. A graph of the findings is presented as a two-dimensional image. To study these images, fractal, matrix, and various algorithmic techniques are linked and analyzed.


Stress is a complex factor that has both an emotional component (anxiety) and a somatic component that results from prolonged exposure to permanent anxiety. Stress has very strong impact on the Energy Field. Through the utilization of special software, it is possible to make a quantitative assessment of the anxiety and health index on a ten point scale.

  • 0-2 – very calm, relaxed people that may be due to several factors: deep meditation, full of inner peace, the influence of psychedelics, and a deep sleep in a quiet phase, chronic depression or in some cases inflammation.
  • 2-4 – normal quiescent state.
  • 4-6 – the excited state characteristic of active work, excitement, intense activity.
  • 6-8 – high level of stress. The reaction to a previous stressful situation (an unpleasant conversation, illness, failure in the training process, driving in stressful conditions, etc.). – Increased nervousness, accumulated over long periods of time stress, emotional stress, autonomic dysfunction. – People with a special type of mentality that can quickly switch from a state of extreme excitement, nervousness, in the quiescent state.  The state of overtraining, fatigue, risk of injury.
  • 8-10 – a very high level of stress, the peak of excitement. Stress level evaluation with Bio-Well instrument gives you an indication of a stress level.


Bio-Well captures energy distribution and alignment of your chakras. There are seven chakras or integrated energy centers that are considered to affect physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. These energy “disks” are positioned or embedded into the spinal column at various locations starting at the coccyx and rising to the crown of the head. Each chakra is considered to resonate at a different frequency level.

The software quantitatively estimates the energy of chakras and graphically displays their level of activation. It indicates whether this level of activation is above or below the level found from large numbers of subjects.

The most important in evaluation is chakras distribution. Ideally, they should be aligned along the central line of a spinal cord. But these cases are not common and typically chakras are shifted from the central position. Chakra alignment can be impacted by many factors including stress, depression, and anxiety.

In Ayurvedic texts you may find descriptions of different properties associated with chakras. This material is represented in Bio-Well reports for your benefit and interpretation.





The Health Status program performs analysis of the functional state of the human body by calculating the integral parameters of energy distribution in the body and in organs and for their comparison with reference parameters of a practically healthy person formed according to the database. The obtained data is displayed in a graphic form as circle diagrams.

The typical energy level corresponds to the green ring in the middle. The inner circle is the area of energy deficiency (hypo-energy state). The outer ring is the area of energy excess (hyper-energy state).

The diagrams are divided into the sectors related to a certain part of the human body.



Energy demonstrates the level of energy for the particular person both in Joules and in % related to the Database of apparently healthy people, measured from 0 to 100%.

  • 0 – 20% – low energy (may be related to energy deficiency, as well as to meditative state)
  • 20% – 60% – typical energy
  • 60% – 100% – high energy



A biorhythm is a prediction of various aspects of a person’s life through simple mathematical cycles. Every person’s life is influenced by rhythmic biological cycles that affect his or her ability in various domains, such as mental, physical and emotional activity. These cycles begin at birth and oscillate in a steady (sine wave) fashion throughout life, and by modelling them mathematically, it is suggested that a person’s level of ability in each of these domains can be predicted from day to day. The theory is built on the idea that the biofeedback chemical and hormonal secretion functions within the body could show a sinusoidal behavior over time. The Biowell software generates your personal biorhythm diagram for each life cycle.

Your physical, emotional, and intellectual biorhythms can be provided during your consultation. This information is useful when scheduling specific activities or events around your body’s personal energy cycles.


  • The scanning process is quick, easy and non-intrusive… do it daily for best results!
  • A powerful tool that provides you with a wealth of rich data to help identify areas to tend to as you work towards personal coherence
  • Get real time feedback on what factors – positive and negative –affect your energy state
  • System provides instant graphic representations of the data to provide easy reference and interpretation.
  • Displays data in an easily understood format using graphic representations; placing indicators within the outline of the human form for ease of discussion
  • View each scan in a variety of interesting ways with up to seven result display options
  • Save or print a report containing all data points of each scan
  • Save or print your results with one click
  • With the Sputnik and Bio-Well Accessory Pack add-ons, measure environment and the affect of objects on your energy too! 


  • State-of-the-art, sleek camera that doesn’t require a power source. It simply connects to your computer with USB-cable (included)
  • Conduct scans, view results and access previous scans through the sophisticated Bio-Well accompanying software
  • Monitor your energy state throughout time in order to track your responses to physical and mental exercises, response to weather changes, different loading
  • Monitor the energy history of your family and friends
  • Customize your experience by only paying for the scan types and data views you need with three subscription level options
  • Store historical scans for as long as you’re a subscriber


“We started using GDV Bio-Well device at the Rugby Junior Championship and found correlation with real athletes’ condition as more than 80%. It is a very high correlation. Line “stress”-“energy” works very well, in particular players with high stress level make more mistakes during the game. Method is very fast and the program is convenient.”

– Vladislav Turin | Russia Junior Team Rugby Coach

“GDV Bio-Well is an excellent instrument both for professionals and for the non-experienced users. This is a next level of the GDV technique development.”

– Lutz Rabe | Institute for Bioelectrophotonics

“I am using Bio-Well and I see its great potential for health control at the individual and corporate level. We plan to make this device known and be presented at many exhibitions.”

– Shinji Maeba | REIMEI Corporation